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Clean Up Group does roof cleaning, exterior cleaning. window cleaning, highrise cleaning, pressure cleaning and much more in Florida


Are you searching for a company you can trust to assist you with roof cleaning, window cleaning, pressure-cleaning or cleaning of the entire exterior of your home, condo, high rise, business or commercial enterprise?  Most people want a service they can rely on – easy to deal with, pricing that is clear, showing up on time and a professional delivery of service.   We not only want to meet your expectations, we want to exceed them and you to be delighted with the results.

Pressure cleaning is fine for flat surfaces such as driveways but did you know that pressure cleaning your roof can actually damage or even destroy roof tiles and shingles?  With repeated pressure cleaning the sub-structure of your roof will potentially be compromised which may lead to expensive repairs. With that in mind, we again try to exceed your expectations by providing a safe alternative called Citra-Shield BioCide that actually attacks mold and algae at a cellular level and destroys the root system. Our maintenance plan also ensures your roof will remain free of mold and algae.

Our window cleaning service ranges from residential and commercial properties to high rise condominiums. With the largest team in SW Florida, we can complete a project with minimal disruption to home owners or businesses.

Whether you want your pool deck cleaned or a cruise ship pressure washed, your driveway cleaned or an entire parking garage, we are the company to call because we will exceed your expectations.

We are fully licensed, bonded and insured, so you can have peace of mind.  When you hire us, we focus on safety, integrity, quality and service.  We provide full exterior cleaning maintenance – we not only get it clean, we keep it clean!

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Cleaning Naples
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Cleaning Naples Florida
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Cleaning Barefoot Beach
Cleaning Barefoot Beach FL
Cleaning Barefoot Beach Florida
Barefoot Beach Cleaning
Cleaning Bonita Beach
Cleaning Bonita Beach FL
Cleaning Bonita Beach Florida
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Bonita Springs Cleaning
Cleaning Bradenton
Cleaning Bradenton FL
Cleaning Bradenton Florida
Bradenton Cleaning
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Cleaning Cape Coral FL
Cleaning Cape Coral Florida
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Cleaning Captiva
Cleaning Captiva FL
Cleaning Captiva Florida
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Cleaning Estero
Cleaning Estero FL
Cleaning Estero Florida
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Cleaning Fort Myers FL
Cleaning Fort Myers Florida
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Cleaning Fort Myers Beach
Cleaning Fort Myers Beach FL
Cleaning Fort Myers Beach Florida
Fort Myers Beach Cleaning
Cleaning Golden Gate
Cleaning Golden Gate FL
Cleaning Golden Gate Florida
Golden Gate Cleaning
Cleaning Lehigh Acres
Cleaning Lehigh Acres FL
Cleaning Lehigh Acres Florida
Lehigh Acres Cleaning
Cleaning Marco Island
Cleaning Marco Island FL
Cleaning Marco Island Florida
Marco Island Cleaning
Cleaning North Fort Myers
Cleaning North Fort Myers FL
Cleaning North Fort Myers Florida
North Fort Myers Cleaning
Cleaning North Port
Cleaning North Port FL
Cleaning North Port Florida
North Port Cleaning
Cleaning Port Charlotte
Cleaning Port Charlotte FL
Cleaning Port Charlotte Florida
Port Charlotte Cleaning
Cleaning Port Royal
Cleaning Port Royal FL
Cleaning Port Royal Florida
Port Royal Cleaning
Cleaning Punta Gorda
Cleaning Punta Gorda FL
Cleaning Punta Gorda Florida
Punta Gorda Cleaning
Cleaning Sanibel
Cleaning Sanibel FL
Cleaning Sanibel Florida
Sanibel Cleaning
Cleaning Sarasota
Cleaning Sarasota FL
Cleaning Sarasota Florida
Sarasota Cleaning
Cleaning Siesta Key
Cleaning Siesta Key FL
Cleaning Siesta Key Florida
Siesta Key Cleaning
Cleaning Venice
Cleaning Venice FL
Cleaning Venice Florida
Venice Cleaning
Cleaning Ave Maria
Cleaning Ave Maria FL
Cleaning Ave Maria Florida
Ave Maria Cleaning
Cleaning Bee Ridge
Cleaning Bee Ridge FL
Cleaning Bee Ridge Florida
Bee Ridge Cleaning
Cleaning Burnt Store Marina
Cleaning Burnt Store Marina FL
Cleaning Burnt Store Marina Florida
Burnt Store Marina Cleaning
Cleaning East Naples
Cleaning East Naples FL
Cleaning East Naples Florida
East Naples Cleaning
Cleaning Fruitville
Cleaning Fruitville FL
Cleaning Fruitville Florida
Fruitville Cleaning
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Cleaning Gateway FL
Cleaning Gateway Florida
Gateway Cleaning
Cleaning Grove City
Cleaning Grove City FL
Cleaning Grove City Florida
Grove City Cleaning
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Cleaning Gulf Gate Estates FL
Cleaning Gulf Gate Estates Florida
Gulf Gate Estates Cleaning
Cleaning Immokallee
Cleaning Immokallee FL
Cleaning Immokallee Florida
Immokallee Cleaning
Cleaning Labelle
Cleaning Labelle FL
Cleaning Labelle Florida
Labelle Cleaning
Cleaning Laurel
Cleaning Laurel FL
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Cleaning Lely
Cleaning Lely FL
Cleaning Lely Florida
Lely Cleaning
Cleaning Naples Park
Cleaning Naples Park FL
Cleaning Naples Park Florida
Naples Park Cleaning
Cleaning Nokomis
Cleaning Nokomis FL
Cleaning Nokomis Florida
Nokomis Cleaning
Cleaning North Cape Coral
Cleaning North Cape Coral FL
Cleaning North Cape Coral Florida
North Cape Coral Cleaning
Cleaning North Naples
Cleaning North Naples FL
Cleaning North Naples Florida
North Naples Cleaning
Cleaning North Sarasota
Cleaning North Sarasota FL
Cleaning North Sarasota Florida
North Sarasota Cleaning
Cleaning North Venice
Cleaning North Venice FL
Cleaning North Venice Florida
North Venice Cleaning
Cleaning Osprey
Cleaning Osprey FL
Cleaning Osprey Florida
Osprey Cleaning
Cleaning Pine Island
Cleaning Pine Island FL
Cleaning Pine Island Florida
Pine Island Cleaning
Cleaning Placida
Cleaning Placida FL
Cleaning Placida Florida
Placida Cleaning
Cleaning Rotonda West
Cleaning Rotonda West FL
Cleaning Rotonda West Florida
Rotonda West Cleaning
Cleaning Siesta Key
Cleaning Siesta Key FL
Cleaning Siesta Key Florida
Siesta Key Cleaning
Cleaning South Fort Myers
Cleaning South Fort Myers FL
Cleaning South Fort Myers Florida
South Fort Myers Cleaning
Cleaning South Naples
Cleaning South Naples FL
Cleaning South Naples Florida
South Naples Cleaning
Cleaning South Sarasota
Cleaning South Sarasota FL
Cleaning South Sarasota Florida
South Sarasota Cleaning
Cleaning South Venice
Cleaning South Venice FL
Cleaning South Venice Florida
South Venice Cleaning
Cleaning Vamo
Cleaning Vamo FL
Cleaning Vamo Florida
Vamo Cleaning
Cleaning Venice Gardens
Cleaning Venice Gardens FL
Cleaning Venice Gardens Florida
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High Rise Window Cleaning Naples Parking Garage Cleaning Naples Pool Cage Cleaning Naples
Residential Roof Cleaning Naples Lanai Cleaning Naples Home Gutter Cleaning Naples
Construction Cleaning Naples Commercial Pressure Cleaning Naples Commercial Window Cleaning Naples
Home Window Cleaning Naples Duct and Vent Cleaning Naples Commercial Window Cleaning Bonita Springs
Commercial Pressure Cleaning Bonita Springs Residential Pressure Cleaning Bonita Springs High Rise Window Cleaning Bonita Springs
Duct and Vent Cleaning Bonita Springs Residential Roof Cleaning Bonita Springs Home Gutter Cleaning Bonita Springs
Residential Pressure Cleaning Naples Commercial Gutter Cleaning Naples Parking Garage Cleaning Sarasota
Repair And Restore Glass Scratches Sarasota Commercial Gutter Cleaning Sarasota Commercial Roof Cleaning Sarasota
High Rise Window Cleaning Sarasota Residential Pressure Cleaning Sarasota Lanai Cleaning Sarasota
Pool Cage Cleaning Sarasota Residential Roof Cleaning Sarasota Construction Cleaning Sarasota
Duct and Vent Cleaning Sarasota Sign Cleaning Sarasota Commercial Window Cleaning Sarasota
Commercial Pressure Cleaning Sarasota Home Window Cleaning Sarasota Home Window Cleaning Bonita Springs
Roof Cleaning Naples Pool Deck Cleaning Naples Driveway Cleaning Naples
Awning Cleaning Naples Gutter Cleaning Naples Window Cleaning Naples
Roof Cleaning Bonita Beach Window Cleaning Bonita Beach Pressure Cleaning Sarasota
Pool Deck Cleaning Sarasota Window Cleaning Sarasota Awning Cleaning Bradenton
Driveway Cleaning Bradenton Gutter Cleaning Bradenton Roof Cleaning Bradenton
Window Cleaning Bradenton Pressure Cleaning Bradenton Roof Cleaning Sarasota
Driveway Cleaning Sarasota Gutter Cleaning Cape Coral Window Cleaning Cape Coral
Roof Cleaning Cape Coral Pressure Cleaning Cape Coral Gutter Cleaning Sarasota
Window Cleaning Sanibel Window Cleaning Captiva Sidewalk Cleaning Sarasota
Window Cleaning Siesta Key Roof Cleaning Englewood Pressure Cleaning Englewood
Gutter Cleaning Englewood Window Cleaning Englewood Window Cleaning Venice
Gutter Cleaning Venice Gutter Cleaning Estero Roof Cleaning Estero
Pressure Cleaning Estero Window Cleaning Estero Pressure Cleaning Sanibel
Roof Cleaning Venice Pressure Cleaning Venice Sidewalk Cleaning Fort Myers
Driveway Cleaning Fort Myers Gutter Cleaning Fort Myers Window Cleaning Fort Myers
Roof Cleaning Fort Myers Pressure Cleaning Fort Myers Pressure Cleaning Punta Gorda
Pressure Cleaning Siesta Key Roof Cleaning Fort Myers Beach Pressure Cleaning Fort Myers Beach
Gutter Cleaning Fort Myers Beach Window Cleaning Fort Myers Beach Window Cleaning Punta Gorda
Roof Cleaning Sanibel Gutter Cleaning Sanibel Window Cleaning Lehigh Acres
Roof Cleaning Lehigh Acres Pressure Cleaning Lehigh Acres Gutter Cleaning Bonita Springs
Window Cleaning Port Charlotte Gutter Cleaning Marco Island Roof Cleaning Marco Island
Pressure Cleaning Marco Island Window Cleaning Marco Island Roof Cleaning Bonita Springs
Pressure Cleaning Port Charlotte Gutter Cleaning North Fort Myers Roof Cleaning North Fort Myers
Window Cleaning North Fort Myers Pressure Cleaning North Fort Myers Window Cleaning Bonita Springs
Driveway Cleaning North Port Roof Cleaning North Port Gutter Cleaning North Port
Window Cleaning North Port Pressure Cleaning North Port Pressure Cleaning Naples
Pressure Cleaning Bonita Springs Driveway Cleaning Port Charlotte Gutter Cleaning Port Charlotte
Driveway Cleaning Punta Gorda Gutter Cleaning Punta Gorda Roof Cleaning Punta Gorda